Version 1.09 (2015.12.29)

After more than two weeks, the new release is finally online. Please refer to the teaser beneath for more detailed information about the changes.

Have fun 😉

4 Comments on “Version 1.09 (2015.12.29)

    • Thank you, we like to too to be honest! And don’t forget to have a peek at the new Charging Graphs screen (in technical) when you’re fast charging. Revealing!

  1. Just a short feedback to congratulate you. I received my ZOE in mid December, and was able to use CanZE (via Google Play) this weekend (Konnwei Bluetooth Dongle). Car was charging, so I checked that battery health was 105%, which was the main feature I was feature. I will explore the other features in the future. Congratulations on the great work again.

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