Teaser for version 1.09

We are very close to releasing 1.09, probably today, and we are pretty excited about it. We have revamped the consumption screen substantially and we really believe you will like it a lot, especially if driving economically is your thing.

Screenshot_2015-12-29-13-49-59Let me give you a small run down:

  • The Torque (Nm) bar from the driving screen, including the Blue Aiming Bar has been added to this screen. This will aid in avoiding friction braking (short term behaviour).
  • The tiny consumption (kW/100km) dial has been replaced by a fat bar. This will aid in being a bit more gentle on the accelerator (short term behaviour).
  • The first timed graph will show you the last couple of minutes (this depends on the screen-width of your device) of power usage and energy in the battery (long term behaviour).
  • The middle timed graph shows Speed and consumption (long term behaviour)
  • Finally, the last graph shows both the available distance as well as the SOC (we don’t want to start a war about what’s best, so we show both)

The short term behaviour bars assist in providing immediate feedback and feed forward. Avoid friction braking and decrease energy usage when driving and accelerating.

The long term behaviour graphs will give you nice feedback on how you drove that last part. It is very insightful how much that funny blast-off of your kitty-Zoe next to that ICE really cost.

In the technical part there is new screen “Charging Graphs” that will show you the technical behaviour while charging. You can record load balancing by the charger, where the power is limited, etcetera.

Other than that, of course the usual bug fixes, performance shaving, improvements on the graphs, etcetera. All in all there are more than 40 changes recorded.

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    • We can’t 😉 We just notice that there is a “user SOC” and “system SOC” (high voltage energy level) in the CAN data. It would be fun to figure out how much they differ and why.

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