Climate computer loosing it’s mind?

I read quite a few complaints about the heater system. Not that it’s a bit underpowered, but really off, as in just blowing cold air when heat is requested. I am more or less trying to compile a list of user-fixable, or -detectable causes, from what I read on forums. Please comment if any of what’s listed here is wrong by your experience, or right!

  • Low on coolant gas. Rattling sound by the compressor. Dealer trip needed. Note: I hope to have this situation shown in CanZE soon;
  • Cabin sensor (which is said to be in the dashboard between the front windshield vents) ticked off by direct sun radiation. I’d sat that is easily provable with a piece of carton;
  • CLIM computer bug: it is said that in combination with or after a demist, the car can refuse to heat. I am not sure if a hard reset (next bullet) is needed, but one could at least switch de-misting off;
  • CLIM computer lost it’s mind. Things happen. Pull/push fuse F3. It is the rightmost column, the first fuse counting bottom up in the fuse panel in the cabin. Should be a 10 amps fuse.

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