Minutes ago, I released a new beta. It contains, next to the usual array of small fixes, very limited proof-of-concept test-code for the ZE50. Select ZE50 in settings, ensure ISOTP fields is on, return to main, swipe to experimental and tap ZE50. Under the 4 meaningless lines it just might display the accelerator pedal position in %.

Please note that substantial changes in several places had to be made to make this work, and I do not have a ZE50 at my disposal to test. In other words, this is completely testing in the blind and anyone who has ever made any software knows where that leads to.

I’d appreciate feedback of course, if anything with debug files etc.

The good news is that as soon as this works, getting the current functionality of CanZE migrated to the ZE50 is straightforward.

7 Comments on “152beta2

  1. I just tested as you asked in my ZE50 and did not look too good.
    I have a log file though ๐Ÿ™‚
    Where can I send it?

  2. Treied today the 152beta2 with my Zoe ZE50 and only got error codes.
    Conected to may Torque ELM 327 Bluetooth V2.1 OBD2.
    Where can I find the LOG, to send it to you

    • Just to make sure: in beta4 the only screen that works for a ZE50 is the ZE50 test screen, and only the last line. To make that work, the ZE50 needs to be selected AND Use ISOTP fields must be on. Can you confirm please that you tried this?

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