Range screen

The Range screen has been fixed and needs some explanation. In essence it compares the available range calculated by the car to three different ranges:

  • The first number is a range based on the current energy content of the battery and the worst consumption;
  • The second number is the same, based on average consumption. One would expect this to be the same as the car reported range, but it isn’t;
  • The thirst number is the same but using the best consumption.

The consumption numbers are calculated by the car. The second number can made a bit worse using the slider to adjust for sporty driving. In my case, leaving it at -10% seems to be about right.

3 Comments on “Range screen

    • No, it has moved to a more appropriate place: Technical -> Charging. All charging stuff in one place 🙂 But thank you for saying it is useful, I really think it is as it addresses the grid more than the car.

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