New release coming up

It’s only been an week, but we feel the need for some changes to be rolled out

  • Fixed negative numbers in Trip (Driving)
  • Much faster startup if you use the new, fast CanSee dongle
  • Fixed an issue that mostly produced wrong numbers in miles mode
  • Implemented a “news” bar on the main screen we can use to alert users
  • Moved Leak currents to Technical and made it more reliable
  • Fixed values not displaying in the experimental BCB screen

The trip function basically gives you a “Trip C”. Reset it by tapping it’s value area. It relies on trip B values supplied by the car so if you reset Trip B in the car, Trip C needs to be reset.

BCB and Leak Currents are helpful tools to assess charging problems. Note that HF Leak currents should not exceed 300 mA (preferably significantly lower), and that Ground resistance cannot exceed 150 or 200 ohms depending on model, and again, should preferably be significantly lower. On my home charger it is 11 ohms.

4 Comments on “New release coming up

  1. Thanks for that I just happened to be waiting for charge in the car so I have updated. As you say working well with cansee but my charge prediction went wrong after the previous update, now it assumes a 1kw charge

    • Please open an issue here and provide us there with as much information as you can
      – car type;
      – screenprint of “Charging” in the Technical section;
      – screenprint of the prediction screen.
      We are not abandoning the KONNWEI style type of dongles!

      • Another learning exercise for me – predictdcpower is returning 1 (dcpowerlowerlimit)
        Now installed Android studio and running canze on Samsung tablet trying to understand….
        Great fun thanks
        (41kw battery)

        • Great. You want to look at (and possibly I mixed up parameters in setBatteryType, but haven’t committed that fix yet as I want to confirm it on the car. And that issue was only affecting 22 kWh battery.

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