Post release activities

Things have not been quiet since the last release. In the development version, more languages have been added (German and Slovenian), thanks to several volunteers. Thank you! Also, a new release makes users go through a lot of screens and quite a few bugs have already been found. And fixed. We try not to do hotfixes, unless (like with this last release) CanZE really crashes. So, the more benign bugs are fixed or being fixed in the development branch.

As always, feel free to report issues on the github issue tracker, where you can also see what other reported and what has already been closed.

We also got some feedback on the new “Clima” screen. Notably, there was a request to also show the power the climate system takes. This has not been proven possible (maybe “not yet”, see below), so after some experimentation, we added the compressor RPM as a separate graph to the climate screen. Here’s a teaser (pardon the Dutch).

Finally, we are very happy to have been able to crowd-fund the acquisition of a CLIP system (yes, a clone). Many users made a contribution to make this possible. Thank you! We really hope we can dissect the BCB (the charger) with it, as it is unwilling to give us it’s secrets just like the other computers do. Stuff has been ordered and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. We’ll most certainly report back here when it’s arrived, and later if it was able to give us what we want! Stay tuned.

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