A hot autumn for the ZOE, a slow one for CanZE

All the hype has been over the new R90 an Q90 and there has been written so much about it, that we didn’t feel the need to add to that. Of course we would love to get our hands on a ZOE with a big battery, because we probably need to change at lot of graphs and most certainly the battery prediction model.

Speaking about the that, there is a release upcoming with major improvements in the prediction model. As a consequence, the car selection in the Settings screen will change to also distinguish between a Q210 and an R240, as the latter will top charging at 22 kW even when it is connected to a more potent charger. If you do own a R240, please do check the settings screen after the next release. Also, expect the Q90 and R90 to be included too pretty soon, which will use the exact same mathematical model, but with a bigger capacity. We have no idea if this is correct and time will tell.

Actually, we don’t even know if the ’90 models speak the same language on the CANbus, but we do expect that to be the case. Stay tuned. As always, once we’re ready to roll, we’ll publish an update note here, drop a new release in the play store and publish an APK file.

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