The fuses of the ZOE

The instruction manual on the fuses really is off. Here is the real thing, in German though. In all fairness, I got this from the first reply in this thread.

Zoe_Sicherungsbelegung The English version is here, kindly translated by SpeakEV user @Sandy Zoe_Fu

Note that there are also fuses in the red box op top of the 12 volt battery, a HUGE 250 amp fuse inside the battery pack, and probably a few more in the USM box under the hood.

Edit: shortcut most requested ones:

  • VSP (keyless whoopwhoop and pedestrian warning sound): F16
  • TCU (if timer or online services go haywire): F31
  • CLIMA (if heating goes haywire): F3
  • R-LINK: F26

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