43 kWh battery

No, this post is not about the rumours of the upcoming new battery pack by Renault. Imecar Elektronik of Turkey, in cooperation with Renault Turkey, have rebuild a ZOE battery pack to a capacity of 43 kWh. I don’t have details, but the picture suggest close to 4000 NCR18650PF cells. That in itself is an interesting design, as using cylindrical cells take a bit more space than the prismatic/pouch cells originally used in the ZOE. The casing, peripherals and LBCs have been re-used from the original battery. The metal box on top contains the LBCs computers, including the balancer circuits. In this picture the control wire to the LBCs seem not to have been installed yet.

I have absolutely no idea about net capacity, probable weight increase, etcetera. They are testing the pack as we speak. Stay tuned!IMG-20160802-WA0018

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  1. Looks lika a good build, I am wanting to upgrade my 22Kwh battery to a 43Kwh. Just wonder how much it would cost

    • At that time (we are talking 6 years ago) it was about 10K Euro. And you’d need to have a donor pack (casing, computer, high voltage components, sensors). I bet the cell costs are substantially lower now. You could always send them a message of course, link included in the post. And who knows, maybe there is someone in your country who takes on these projects.

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