Version 1.07 (2015.12.06)

Today’s release contains, among others, a few serious bugfixes. In the previous versions switching between the different screens filled up the field request list, which slowed down considerably the entire application. This has now been solved.

Another feature that has been added is that Main, Technical and Experimental fragments can now be accessed by simply sliding the entire page to the left of the right. You may also notice some graphical improvements.

Last big change I want to point at is the new Tires activity where those of you who have TPMS installed can read out the actual pressure of the 4 wheels.

3 Comments on “Version 1.07 (2015.12.06)

  1. Great to see the actual torque values on the breaking screen. That provides an extra perspective on the breaking technology as used in the Zoe.

  2. V1.07. testet with 100Euro Braun B-Tab774 Android 4.1.1 Kernel 3.4.0+
    and Konnwei KW902 OBDING bluetooth.
    Works fine.

    Good idea the voltage heat map of (C)Bell voltages… (-:
    The red and blue filled boxes give a good overview.

    Arthur (HGW)

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