Version 1.06 (2015.11.29)

Version 1.06 (2015.11.29) is now online on Github and shortly in also available through the Google Play Store.

We are still working on the compatibility issues with the Kangoo and even got a request to check the Twizy. So a lot of work still in progress.

Also check the experimental section as we try to read out the tires pressure … for those of you that have sensors. Any feedback on this is highly appreciate as none of us has those sensors installed …

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      • I gave it another try and I got a result 13.6 on 3 of 4 and 13.5 on the 4th. Im having trouble understanding the values. Is it psi? Last time I checked my tires I inflated them to 2.8 bar.

        • As Bob said, silly error on my part. 13.6 => 2570 mBar, 13.5 = 2550. Glad that works. I would also be interested in the line above that once you see values other than 0.

          • Great, looking forward to the next release! About the other lines, I got zeros on all lines but the pressure ones.
            I noticed something else. When I first check the values, before my trip, I got high numbers (18.6) on all four. Is it some kind of standard value displayed before any reading is registered?

  1. Ronny, at the moment, we can only display already paired sensors. We would love to do the pairing, but we don’t know the procedure and if there is additional hardware (such as a LF “activator”) needed. We’re still waiting for people having their tires changed tell us.

    The TMPS data we get, not surprizingly from the BCM (Body Control Module). so I would not be surprized if that box would need a command t learn the sensors. But again, at the moment, we simply don’t know.

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