Version 1.04 (2015.11.15)

Release Version 1.04 (2015.11.15) is ready and can now be downloaded from the Github releases page. As soon as Google has processed the updated publishing request, the new version should also be available in the Play Store.

Having received some comments about this, I want to stress that there will always be an APK of CanZE available as simple download. We do not plan to exclusively publish releases through the Google Play Store …

1 Comment on “Version 1.04 (2015.11.15)

  1. Whoops, two silly bugs went unnoticed:
    – coasting torque (added to both the requested as well as the electrically applied torque) is a factor 9.3 off, as the car states it in Motor torque instead of wheel torque. The reduction between motor and wheels is 9.3.
    – when switching to miles things, well, don’t.
    Both issues are already fixed in “Bleeding edge” and will make it in next week’s release.

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