Teaser for the weekly build

An awful lot of work went into CanZE the last week. Here is some teasing info:

  • A lot of work went into more stability on the ELM327 handling. We believe we have made serious progress here. Let us know your results please.
  • There is now a Safe Driving Mode that basically forbids any tinkering while the car is on the move. It is enabled by default and yes, you can override it. Be smart, be safe please!
  • Speaking of smart, when you download the App, you will find now some informal and formal disclaimer stuff. Please do read it. You really need to know what you’re doing. We are emphasising this as we have had reports of the setup interfering with the car’s behaviour, which is something anyone should be uneasy about. Use common sense, and use hardware that is reported by the community to work with CanZE.
  • Many screens have improved – or have been debugged substantially.
  • A new firmware screen has been added. This allows you to query the software version information from all reachable ECU’s. We would love you to post comments here when you have noticed a new software load and we might be tempted to post a page with the “highest seen” software loads per car model and per ECU.

Come back here Sunday for a new download. And don’t forget to post issues on Github: https://github.com/fesch/CanZE/issues

3 Comments on “Teaser for the weekly build

  1. Somehow in my case the charging status shows charger connected with 11 Amp pilot but charging status : no charging. The car gets charged(Fluence).
    Another issue the trip counters don’t work right, funny readings and they reset themselves randomly.