7 comments on “Teaser: charging history
  1. cose385 says:

    Great idea and usefull info – I would suggest to also add separate column for starting and ending SOC.

  2. Decalco says:

    Yes! Very very useful information! Where does the limitation of 10 sessions come from ?

  3. bumpi says:

    I do have a lot of unwanted “Flt5” and “Flt4” disconnects on certain charging stations (instead of Full..) do you their meaning / know what the ZOE does´t like on those stations ?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Don’t ask me what it really means but 4=Scheduled charge, 5=ChargerFaultType1.

      • 833k says:

        We have some serious charging problems on our schneider evlink wallbox. The scheduler is grayed out, we use a timer instead but we do get the ‘Flt4’ status.
        What does it really mean?

  4. www says:

    any news about the flt4 thing?

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