Opening up the BCB (teaser alert)

Today I finally got some data from the BCB. I am not crying victory yet, but here are a few teasers. Screen-shots were taken close to the end of a charging session on my home single phase 16 amps charge-point.

Harmonic leak currents look fine, with only the LF one (that is 50 Hz) a bit on the high side. Maybe the scaling is not good. We don’t know what acceptable values are.

On single phase, the voltages on the BCB screen look a bit weird, but I will be working on that.


2 comments on “Opening up the BCB (teaser alert)
  1. Borut says:

    Any chance of clearing BCI problem if the hardware is ok?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      I don’t know yet. There is a clear DTC command, and I have good hopes we can issue it, but I don’t know if that clears a BCI…….

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