DTCs unraveled (teaser alert)

Truth to be told, the DTC READOUT screen never worked very well. Codes did not always appear and when they did, well, it was just codes. Not anymore in the next release! We’re adding the actual meaning of the Diagnostic Trouble Codes for every computer we have them for. Here’s a little teaser screen, showing the result of querying the Uncoupled Brake Pedal computer of my ZOE:

Let’s dissect the second one. 405155 can be split in three parts. The first one (4) means it is usually displayed on diagnostic tools as “C0”, meaning it is a SAE  standardised chassis trouble code. The next 3 (051) define what hard- or software component of this computer is causing this DTC. Here it is the Steering wheel angle sensor, which is interesting as it is part of the Power steering (EPS), not the UBP. The last two hexadecimal numbers indicate what test triggered this DTC to be fired. Here (55) it is “Not configured”. Finally, zero or more flags can be sent with the DTC. In this case the “testNotCompletedThisOperationCycle” flag.

This particular DTC is completely benign. If a flag called “warningIndicatorRequested” is included, we’re in different territory. It  means the orange spot light in the dash comes on.

2 Comments on “DTCs unraveled (teaser alert)

  1. How can i get the “DTC readout” working ?
    When i query a component, i always get the following response :

    Query *componentname* (renault ID: 946)

    Sending initialisation sequence

    Sending start DTCs sequence:[5902af]
    Get DTCs field does not exist

    No active DTCs

    What am i doing wrong ?

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