CanSee duct-tape edition

Today I’ve been building two more CanSee dongles. As the case is slightly different than the one of my development build, the screws don’t fit, so I needed to tape the cases, but the dongles do work, despite of the tape ๐Ÿ˜‰

These two babies are definitely test builds, meaning that I experimented a lot on how to put the different elements together, putting them in the wrong order, placed them upside-down and all that kind of stuff that occurs while experimenting.

But they are operational ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyone interested in getting one?

Just be warned: I’m not a professional and doing this just for fun, so the risk is fully yours! Although I’ve tested them in my car (which did not blew up … uff) I give no warranty and will not be responsible of whatever you do with the dongle.

9 comments on “CanSee duct-tape edition
  1. Eros Lazzarini says:

    Hi Bob, I am happy to get one of experimental CanSee. Let me know how to pay for your job!

  2. Jin Feng Goh says:

    Hi Bob,

    I’m also happy to be one of the experimenters. Let me know how much they are (since they are hand-built Rolls Royce editions!) to send through to Italy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great job and it’s wonderful to see so much development going into CanSee!

  3. Alexander says:

    Interested! 2013 Q210, Currently I’m also building a diogle based on the one on goingelectric… but awaiting parts from china…

    Based in Limburg(NL)

  4. Alexander Sprong says:

    Hi Bob, if still available, another tester here. My Zoe might be interesting or just a no go for you. It’s a 2013 Q210 with battery upgrade to 41kWh.

  5. Hallo from southern Spain, we are driving two differnt ZOE, R90 and an older 22kW version. Iยดm really interested in a faster CANsee module. possibly one of you more experienced are able to assemble one for my use.

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