Use Chromebook with CanZE

We got contacted by Scott Heim, reporting how well CanZE can be used with a Chromebook. Here is what he wrote on RZOC:

Haven’t heard talk about using a Chromebook with CanZE. As I’m a computer geek & experimented with a cloud version of chrome. It gave me the idea a Chromebook would be perfect if it works. So local shop had a sale & Chromebook was at the price point. Took a punt, found CanZE was available for install. Did a little happy dance! Then the real test out in the car. At first had some issues, all turned out to be my stupidity. Chromebook turns out to be an excellent partner with CanZE & Zoe. Actually way more stable connection then I got using my mobile. Seeing Melbourne has had 200 days of lockdown, most with curfew & 5km distance. I been keen to see how my 12 volt battery was copping. It’s been quite a cold winter. The motorcycle required a new battery. As you can see my main battery has great health! Eventually I’ll get to enjoy Zoe, she is about to have her first birthday with 3050 km on the odometer.


2 Comments on “Use Chromebook with CanZE

  1. Note: I can install CanZE on my Lenovo Ideapad Flex 3 CB. However I can’t get my CanSee dongle paired with it, it seems it only wants to see mouse, keyboard and audio devices. If anyone knows a solution for that, I’d appreciate it!

    BTW, the Chromebook DOES see the KONNWEI dongle. So it must be something with the SerialBT implementation in the Arduino framework for the ESP32.

    • Hi Jeroen

      I think you need to set the Bluetooth COD (Class Of Device) to something different. I just tried it and after the change CanSee is available in the Bluetooth menu in Chrome OS. I’ll post a merge request later in Gitlab. I have not tested it with CanZE and car connection yet.

      Best regards