Ralph’s Zoe Plugin – #2

Although the last picture of Raplh’s Zoe Plugin has a make-like flair, he didn’t stop there and even installed some led indicators using a NeoPixel strip.

a perfectly fitting cover
a look above the cover
the NeoPixel’s are shining through the cover
easy to plug out
Start it up 😉

7 Comments on “Ralph’s Zoe Plugin – #2

  1. Looks very nicely to the ZOE ! Does it support also the IOS App please ?
    Kind regards

    • Your question is the wrong way. It should be: Does the IOS App support to communicate with a CanSee dongle?

      Fred is working on it, but he is actually quite busy …

  2. thanks Bob for putting it up on your site. Hope this gives others some ideas. I’m happy to share the stl. I’ll send it next weekend. I have to correct a little detail before sharing.

    • Hey rari,
      I was wondering if you could share the source file. So edits can be made a little easier. (Such as no ledstrip, no leds, different leds, pattern on top/phone holder built in the cover, reorganisation of holes/leds) Long story short, there are a lot of things about it someone might want to change or add.

      Im also seeing only 1 CAN bus. Are you only using one or is the other one hidden from view?


      • both CAN drivers are supported… Still interested? The modifications can be configured with #defines, so it easy to compile the original code or with the neopixel strip.
        There is currently an issue with CanZE v1.48+ where we don’t know if my alteration is the cause. So bear with me until this is sorted.

        • Hey Rari,
          I was actually referring to the 3d model. (Now i see that was not clear at all). Meanwhile i soldered the components on perfboard and made my own 3d model and i will publish it “soon-ish” on thingiverse. Maybe someone else is interested in your design specifically because it does look better than mine and it includes a power switch, mine does not do so yet.

          Im still interested in how you changed the CanSEE code even though i will probably stick with the original code from the branch for now i might want to change it later or at least learn how you handled it.