More BCB and filter pictures

Fred Leudon disassembled his Q model BCB himself and here a few of his pictures, now including the filter module!

Note that what I earlier identified as the flyback diode is actually a 63 uH coil. Also visible is the modest PCB of the rectifier module.


Here is the filter module, still closed. For orientation, note it is held upside down and the orange connector (normally connected to the loom going to the car’s “nose”), points to the front of the car when mounted. The four cables exit in the direction of the rectifier box; left side of the car. Also note that the N wire is substantially thinner than the three L wires (see below).


And here the filter is opened up, rotated 180 degrees when compared to the previous picture. The crimp on the center orange cable has it’s shrink wrap insulator removed. It was not properly crimped on the coil wires which made this module fail. The coils seem to be used both as filters as well as current sensors. Also note the black plastic box and a substantial PCB pair.

Now there is confusion is about the N <> L3 relay. My stance, based on what I saw on Renault provided schematics and me hearing clicking sounds, the black box should house said relay. The original author swears there was no power capable relay in the entire module, and that ZOE uses two diodes to N. At the moment, both stances are incompatible and we have no way to verify one or the other.

The much thinner N cable suggests there is substance to my stance, or the two diodes should be in this module. But that doesn’t jive with me, since all the rectification is done in the other box, but I am biased and could be totally wrong of course.

More investigation is needed. Maybe I will get brave and open mine……..

Thank you Fred and user “Pixel”. Here a link to the original source and discussion.

3 Comments on “More BCB and filter pictures

  1. From what I understood from Fred’s comments it was more like this:
    1. Renault didn’t fully participate in repairs and allowed Fred to keep the broken part.
    2. The part is taken to Pixel who performed the disassembly and is actually pictured.
    3. After the cause has been found, Renault took the broken charger.

    So it’s not like Fred disassembled it by himself on a live Zoe.

    • That is a correct representation. I don’t think I suggested otherwise BTW. I only stated he disassembled his BCB.

      And to be a tad more precise even: on 1: as he initially payed for the repair, he kept the part. on 3: Renault wanted the part back in the deal to refund his payment done in 1. In effect a non-warranty repair was administratively swapped for a warranty repair. And for good reasons of course!! It was quite a botch job 😉

  2. I have repaired the PEB and the engine.
    Everything worked
    But when putting to load to the 2 hours one stopped.
    There was not enough coolant and I thought the rectifier broke.
    No current reaches the PEB.
    Can somebody help me?
    DTC error 100901.
    Thank you very much.