Android Auto – also on the oldest of ZOEs

It turns out even the oldest R-Link consoles have Android Auto support, though disabled. It takes some work to enable it but it is very doable. Need to drop a few huge thank-yous for people involved and I really hope I am not forgetting key players:

  • Cedric Paille for making and maintaining DDT4all, a wonderful CLIP like tool for tons of cars Renault;
  • The guy who wrote the instruction on, which again is based on a posting on;
  • SpeakEV user “Tooney”, who tested and compiled this very detailed English version.

More on this soon. I made the required cable last week and just installed the required software on Ubuntu. I will try to do the procedure today.

PS: Any Android Auto developers out there? Please comment if we can meaningfully incorporate some of it in CanZE.

19 Comments on “Android Auto – also on the oldest of ZOEs

    • The cable is an easy way to change the wiring to the obd2 plug.
      But this might be done directly in the dongle. Especially for those who use
      self made ones. Then you could easily switch from CAN 1 to 2. And maybe even access both somehow at the same time ?

      I activated Android Auto on my 2013 ZOE, and it works pretty great. Touchscreen is not the best for the usage, but works ok. USB is only 500mA , but still enough to charge my Oneplus 5T with Android Auto running.

  1. Note that the cable I used is a “Y” cable, which is practical since I swapt pins in only 1 of its ends, and the other one still work to access CAN1 bus.

    “incorporate some of it in CanZE.”
    Do you mean have an Android Auto interface on Android Auto ? I guess this may be possible, with the phone connected to the OBD2 via Bluetooth. Though such app would need to be approved by Google and it is probably not so easy. (installing apk directly could still be doable).

    But CanZE could probably benefit from ddt4all and the Renault database to learn new ways to access car data…

  2. is there any other useful thing we can turn on or modify with dd4all in zoe, Im interesting in lowering the required battery capacity for climate control button on the key to work. It is 45 %.

  3. Hello everybody.
    Do you have any idea where i could find a manual to better understand all the option on ddt4all?

  4. Okey, My obd2 in the car, has only pins at 4-5-6 and 12-13-14, anyone else with that problem?

  5. Vgate iCar Pro BLE 4.0 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Fault Code Reader OBDII Compatible Car Adapter Check Engine Light for iOS, Android and Windows

  6. Thank you very much for the guide. I have successfully enabled Android Auto in my 2018 ZOE. I used a splitter cable. Thank you again.