Getting ZOE battery status into Node-RED

For those of you deep into home automation, using documentation compiled by Terrence Eden, me and Harm Otten wrote some Node-RED code to retrieve battery status from the same API that the the Renault Z.E. app uses. I’ve posted it on gitlab.

It outputs an MQTT message every 15 minutes. If there is more than one car associated with the login, more than one message is sent. A message looks like this


In my setup the message finds it’s way to a dashboard on my Android phone using MQTT dash, a Node-RED dashboard and like all other MQTT messages a MariaDb database on my Synology NAS for logging.

11 Comments on “Getting ZOE battery status into Node-RED

  1. Hello,
    where can I find the mentioned github code?
    I’m very interested about this functionality.

    • Hello Jeroen,
      Thank you very much.
      I tried it, modified to my ZE and mqtt credetials, but at the deployment I get this message:
      “SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier”
      And the “ZE services – battery” item is highlighted.
      I’m new to Node-RED and Node.js, and at the first sight I could not find the error in the code…
      Can you please check it?

  2. Unfortunately, Renault has rolled out a new API. It uses certificate pinning so for the moment, there is nobody who has pried it open yet.