Dongle trouble #2

A few days ago I tested that dongle I received and things were not looking good. Flow control commands are not accepted, and while I assured it is able to both send and receive data on the CANbus *) it does not like the replies to diagnostic commands the car puts on the bus.

I opened it up and the hardware is definitely different. A better build in my view, but the firmware (reporting the same version BTW, lies lies lies) does not work.

The very cheap but very well build “HH” dongle I bought was total crap. Not only did it not work, the firmware was easily send to lala-land.

IN the mean time, as my own KONNWEI died on me (I abused it a lot), I ordered a new one. If it works, I will post a link to the item here. If not, we need to explore a few new paths:
– see if we can work around the issues in software (might prove impossible or very hard);
– hand pick dongles that do work (complicated to manage, and who can you trust sending exactly that device);
– build our own hardware (out of reach for 99.9% of the users, and we are certainly not going to market a new design);
– focus on the Freematics ( ) which can run firmware we can make (relatively expensive).

All in all this really stinks and we are NOT happy.

10 Comments on “Dongle trouble #2

  1. I just tested today the second Konnwei I ordered, this time a “Green” version. Same results.
    Adapter works, connects with Android and even Windows via Bluetooth fine.
    But .. same results.
    Most specific Error message is : “Cannot connect to the ECU of the car”, according torque software.
    No data and negative ELM test in CanZE.

    However at the same time my Icarsoft i907 works fine, reads a load of data out of my ZOE Can bus.
    What is going on? … Spent around 7 hours trying all protocolls in the Torque software.
    Same result as with my already sent-back first Konnwei 902.

    Any idea?
    KR, Franz

  2. Hi Guys I’ve plucked up the courage to try my Konnwei dongle today (it’s green) and I’ve had it for several months now.

    I can’t get my phone to find it on wifi or blue tooth. The power light is on and the ODB and Host lights flash at power up, but I guess that is just part of power on self test.

    Could this be related to the resistor problem?

    Any help much appreciated. My Zoe (is now) 3rd hand. Judging by the many dinks and dents she hasn’t been loved. Best indicated range we get is around 77 miles. She is a 2013 model.

    I was hoping to use CanZE to help me learn a bit more.

    Thanks in advance

    PS iPhone 6+ running iOS 10.3.3

    • If it were a resistor problem, the car would make an unhappy bling-bling and display some errors on the dashboard. So that’s not the case.

      Is the dongle WiFi or Bluetooth. If Bluetooth, you won’t get something on your iPhone, cause this one needs a WiFi dongle.

  3. any solution to the still persistent Konweii Dongle malfunction?
    Since then opened mine, and additionally measured resistance.

    All OK, still the old-built-system, but does not function (see my comment above)

  4. VERY GOOD NEWS: Dongle Problems SOLVED!
    It were not the Dongles…
    After 6 months of testing, including an Arduino Due, the culprit was found: Android hardware. My smartphone was to weak:
    The HUAWEI Ascend Y330 is the reason. Avoid it at all costs for running CanZE.

    Both Konweii dongles I ordered worked today with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6.

    • I ordered the one you suggested in your link above – it’s orange and not green but i’m not sure if that makes any difference 🙂 ! It worked straight out of the box. There are a few strange values but I’ll check all that over the coming few days. It was a lot cheaper to buy from which when including about €5 of postage, it was still only €22, a long way from the bandit on Marketplace (I live in France) who wanted €38 for it! Also the Konnwei dongle he proposed (orange) didn’t have the same reference n° and they insisted that it was V2 and not N1.5 as you all recommend. My car is a Zoé ZE40 Intens 2017. Regards Steve

  5. I should have specified that it’s an R90 (my car is a Zoé ZE40 Intens 2017). Regards Steve