Volonteer wanted for Twizy

Thanks to the kind people running the OVMS project, we have access to quite a bit of documentation on the Twizy. Unfortunately, the current developers are unable to implement this knowledge into CanZE, mainly because lack of Twizy to play with :-). If developing CanZE taught us one thing, it is that it is virtually impossible to add functions without the car available; remote testing simply doesn’t cut it.

So, if any volunteer is available, we would be happy to take him or her into the team. There is no hard prerequisite (hint: when I started I had not written a single Android program), but it would be fair to say the following would help, in diminishing order of importance:

  • Owns a Twizy, ELM dongle and an Android device, and is willing to play and experiment with it;
  • Can bear to stumble along and spend too much free time;
  • Has done some development in Java or C++;
  • Has done some Android development.

We would love to hear from you!

5 Comments on “Volonteer wanted for Twizy

  1. I can help, a small bit. I have quite a few other commitments at the moment, but I do have a working Arduino / Can interface for the Twizy already. I will check out the docs and see if I can figure out CanZe App, depending how much I remember from Java programming from years ago. And if Bob ever has too much time on his hands, he’s welcome to borrow my Twizy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Luxembourg is probably one of the few countries you can drive across in the Twizy on one charge ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. If you want i’ve a Twizy and a Zoe with a fully functional elm and Android device.

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