First steps into diagnostics

With mentioned gateway now in place, and the car happily charging (therefor awake) in my front yard, and what seems to be a fairly good description of all diagnostic fields, it is SO much easier to peek into the car’s diagnostics. So, on my laptop I made a little program plowing through the database of diagnostic commands of the EVC (motor controller), the LBC (battery controller)  and the CLIM (heater / airco computer), request every known diagnostic frame, pull out the values of each frame and write that back into the database. We are talking over 3000 values for these 3 computers only.

I can see the pressure in the Airco circuit, which is not fairly low as it was not running, but laso things like the positions of every airflow valve.

Here some data from the LBC.

4 Comments on “First steps into diagnostics

  1. Thank you sir! I already have a snapshot of all these values and put them in the “wemos gateway emulator”. CanZE (in development branch) is able to use it already, the only thing to do is debug the massive changes that were needed and then move on to a “diagnostics dump” program in CanZE. It might take a while, but it will come.

    • It’s mostly technical under the hood stuff. As you can imagine we keep a list of things we can ask the dongle while running the normal screens. Diagnostic data can easily add 1000 fields per computer to that list. We don’t want that, so when doing diagnostics, we will basically stop the program, erase the common list, load a list with all diagnostic commands for one ECU, query that ECU and dump all it’s data in a file, then restore normal operation. Data is coming from the same bus (though we are still struggling with getting to the BCB/JB2)

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