Driving like your grandma

I admit traffic lights are the places where, when driving the Zoe, the challenge is burning. Boys toys. But after watching Alloam’s video about trying to get a 100/100 Eco score I have changed my strategy and now try to get really good mileage, just for the fun of it. Here are my tips for those who want to try:

  • Be extremely gentle on the accelerator. When not hindering other traffic, try to keep your power below 8 kW
  • Anticipate like crazy. If there’s any indication of slowing down, aim for 0 kW if possible. Remember, try coasting on 0 kW when possible, then regeneration, then braking
  • Keep your speed down when possible. If you’re not in a hurry, just go with the lorry flow. Keeping 86 – 92 km/h makes a HUGE difference

Opinions of using the Cruise Control, especially in hilly terrain, varies. For flat terrain I always use it.

Screenshot_2016-06-02-11-23-17Where does CanZE come in? Well, for me, I keep an eye on the kWh/100km line in the middle graph of the Consumption screen. I noticed that after a while a second feedback mechanism emerged: the bottom graph shows a black line for the SOC in percentages, and a red line for the estimated range in kms (on a scale from 0 – 150 km). I really try to keep the red line above the black one, giving me a long-time average of over 150 km per full charge. As you can see, 170 km’s is doable.






Screenshot_2016-06-13-01-20-14And it really pays off. Look what I saw yesterday evening!


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  1. Very much agreed with you 3 recommendations for increasing range. Depending on the profile of your journey, the priority of the 3 recommendations changes of course
    – City trip: absolutely use the coasting. This was my biggest learning in the recent year. Most of my km’s in the city I drive with 0 kw! I only accelerate to 50km/h for the first 100 meters and then immediately keep the accelerator to 0kw and let the car roll to the next traffic light or crossing.
    – Longer distance trip: stay at 90 (not 94) km/h. For a one hour drive the lost time in comparison to driving 110km/h is neglectable while the range increases enormously

    My average range indication after a full charge in the summer is always over 170km. With a SOH of 86%

    Keep up the good work on Canze!

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