Charging an R240 at a 43 kW charger

I would be interested if any of you have a screen shot of a charging graph where an R240 is being charged at a 43 kW charger, preferably starting at a low SOC (30% or lower). Your help is much appreciated.

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  1. Hi How many shots do you need of the process? I charge regularily on an 43Kw charger with my R240. Best Regards

  2. Hi OleB,

    If you could make a graph (from the technical menu), especially from the first part of the charge I would appreciate it. What is important for me at the moment is to see a charge where the “max battery charge” line is substantially above 22 kW and the chargers is 43 kW. If the battery temperature is low, the car starts capping the “max battery charge” at a low SOC already, so that is why I asked for a low SOC.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ok, Should i start the charge with warm or cold battery pack? I have only 15 minute drive to the first possible fast charger, and would then have very cold battery pack. If i rather try after an hour or so of driving, the battery pack would be at a much higher temperature. Best Regards

      • If your battery is cold, it starts capping power above only 30% SOC. SO, if you charge early in your drive, I would appreciate it if you could start it with a SOC of 30% or lower. If that is impossible, a bit warmer would be better. Capping starts at a higher SOC, and your SOC is probably lower anyway. Than you again!

        • Hi The pictures have been sendt by email.
          Please drop me an mail if you need more situations documented.

          Best Regards

  3. Could anyone confirm that under ideal conditions the R240 will charge at over 22kw if so does the DBT display show this as well as the CanZE and what’s the highest seen so far ?

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