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image22One of the new features in version 1.09 is the possibility to collect a time based graph of the charging process. It shows the development of the battery’s energy level, but also the maximum power level the charger is prepared to supply. If the charger is load balancing will show up in this graph. Furthermore, it is very clear how the car, while the SOC goes up, caps the maximum power that can go into the batteries, until it reaches the actual power level of the charger.

In the example here you can see the charger being prepared to supply 31 A over three phases (20 kW), and the car being prepared to take 43kW, but that last number going down as the SOC is going up. It starts capping at roughly 8 kWh in the battery, suggesting a battery temperature of about 12 C and then goes down until it reaches the charger’s power level of 20 kW at around 16 kWh SOC. If you look carefully, you can see the actual DC power following the capping in the last few minutes. The charge was ended there as charging speed bled off and putting in that last 5kWh would have taken excessive time.

The “blips” in the maximum power level we believe is caused by the temperature of the battery pack going up. It is measured with a resolution of 1 degree Celsius, which would explain the choppy line.

You can find these graphs under the Technical menu.

4 Comments on “Charging graphs

  1. Very helpful these graphs ! If the second chart would have a graph about the battery-temperature, you could see exactly when the red line “hops”. Thank you!

    • We might do it and I actually started implementing it, until I saw 43kW charging session graphs. The smooth curve is gone and things are actually stepping down instead of up. Very strange.

  2. Great new feature. Thanks a lot for your great work.
    I don’t know if right now or in the future, we can get all this chart data, and logged in a log file, to further use in a excel dash.
    I’ve looked the logs text files created by Canze,, but I don’t know the extructure of files and I don’t recognise the data.
    That’s will be also useful in the other charts of Canze, like driving data.
    Would it be possible?

  3. Thanks for the last paragraph. I had the message about cruise control and impossible to charge battery. Pressed Start for a few seconds and then I reconnected and it is charging.

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