Beyond 41 kWh

You’d expect the rebuild of the 26 kWh battery by Imecar in Turkey to be dead in the water with the announcement of the 41 kWh user-available battery for the ZOE Q90 and R90 models. However……….. They are now making a 56 kWh raw capacity version, in the standard ZOE battery for factor. I would expect that to give 375 km true range minimum.

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  1. Bob Fisch says:

    I’ve got today, after some weeks of delay, this answer from Renault:

    Oui c’est techniquement possible. Nous allons prochainement proposer ce service de changement de la batterie en après-vente.

    Translation: Yes, this is technically possible (I asked if the old Zoe could be equipped with the new battery). We will soon offer a replacement service via our after-sale service.

  2. Jeroen Meijer says:

    And to expand on that: it will be formally announce end of Q12017 / begin of Q22017 and it is already said the price point for a swap will be around EUR 3.500. I assume this is on top of the continuation of the lease. Also, the new battery will be slightly less efficient in an old frame.

  3. Harm says:

    They do not sell a 43 kWh battery, but a 41 kWh battery, but it can be charged at 43 kW if you have the quickcharger version of the Zoe.

  4. Roberto says:

    When predictably will arrive the 56 kWh battery?

  5. sandy says:

    If Imecar can productionise the 56kwh pack using all their own parts (not just the battery cells) and sell it as a replacement for a returned 22kwh hire pack then they’ll be on to a winner.

  6. ThomasKA says:

    Would be more interesting to see a 30-35 kWh battery. – But then less expensive and lighter that the original 22 kWh. Battery degeneration is the most costly directly millage dependent expense on an electric car. Why drive around with (considerably) more capacity than needed in a typical daily cycle?

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