Battery Health Status

We are trying to find out what handling is the best for our batteries, thus we are happy about each costumer that gives a feedback about his car.

Status (%)
Date measuredCharges
per week
power (kW)
Km (x1000)Car
Fesch2013.051022017.012-33,7closed garage028Zoé
Fesch2013.051022019.015-73.7closed garage060Zoé
Daniel2013.080892015.102-443open carport021Zoé
Tor2015.041002015.105-711open012Zoé (Q210)
Ole2015.061002015.107-153,7 & 22open carport022Zoé
Sandy2014.060982015.101.5-27 & 43open013Zoé
Sandy2014.060902017.011.5-27 & 43open017Zoé
Sandy2014.060882017.051.5-27 & 43open026Zoé
Sandy2014.060852017.051.5-27 & 43open027Zoé
Sandy2014.060982017.061.5-27 & 43open028Zoé (BMS updated)
Sandy2014.060962017.051.5-27 & 43open035Zoé
Sandy2014.060952018.071.5-27 & 43open040Zoé
Sandy2014.060942018.071.5-27 & 43open041Zoé
Sandy2014.060932018.071.5-27 & 43open041Zoé
Sandy2014.060932019.031.5-27 & 43open048Zoé
Fer2015.050872015.106-79.0closed garage012Zoé (Q210)
Fer2015.020912015.106-74.6closed garage018Zoé (Q210)
Ritxi2012.020782015.105-73.3closed garage066Fluence
Fivari2013.121012015.1126.5closed garage028Zoé
Schouf262013.031022015.11722open garage074Zoé
mmezo2014.061022015.111-23closed garage004Zoé
mmezo2014.061022015.1123closed garage006Zoé
Sten2013.060922015.111-27 & 22open carport021Zoé
ener732013.061022015.124-57.4 & 22closed garage062Zoé
Arthur2013.070892015.121-311-22open carport027Zoé (Q210)
Crf2015.121052015.1272open carport002Zoe (R240)
Crf2015.120842017.0772open carport039Zoe (R240)
JoDa2014.060922015.12611closed garage027Zoé
cece742013.040862015.1263.7closed garage051Zoé
Claude2013.050862016.012-311closed garage032Zoé
Tim2013.090892016.012-37 & 43open052Zoé (Q210)
Tim2015.091002016.012-33.7, 7 & 43open009Zoé (Q210)
Grejazi2014.061092016.027-212.3 & 3.7closed garage / carport019Fluence
THellweg2014.080942016.025-722open035Zoe (Q210white)
THellweg2015.120962016.025-722open011Zoe (Q210black)
Alexc2013.120862016.021-222open050 Zoe (R240grey)
lingley2013.060852016.023-72.4-43closed garage042Zoe (Q210)
Kai2013.060842016.033-59, 22 & 43open carport045Zoe (Q210)
Kai2013.060862016.123-59, 22 & 43open carport054Zoe (Q210)
beatus2015.010982016.035-714-43010Zoe (Q210black)
most2016.021052016.032-522open002 Zoé (R240)
JBS-EP Tender2013.031022016.053-47open (near Paris)049Zoe (Q210)
bene2015.100962016.105-622open023Zoe (R240)
Claude2013.050842016.102-311closed garage040Zoé
Bernd2014.120722017.013-522open carport017Zoé (Q210)
Claude2013.050822017.012-311closed garage041Zoé
Fidelio2013.031022017.013-422open072Zoé (Q210)
Grejazi2014.061012017.037-212.3 & 3.7closed garage / carport040Fluence
FrancescZOE 2013.100862017.051-24.6closed garage038Zoé (Q210)
FrancescZOE 2013.100972019.011-220closed garage082Zoé (Q210)
Bruce 2015.050942017.051-27closed garage005Zoé (Q210)
schussi2016.071012017.111-222open020Zoé (R240)
schussi2016.070982018.091-222open030Zoé (R240)
schussi2016.070982020.081-22-22open & closed049Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021052017.032-33-22open000Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021032017.062-33-22open012Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021012017.112-33-22open024Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021002018.052-36-22open036Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020982019.043-46-22open060Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020982019.083-46-22open072Zoé (R240)
iwi2013.060762017.122-34-22open carport019Zoé
decalco2013.031022016.036-76.4 & 22open056Zoe (Q210)
decalco2017.021012017.025-62.3 & 22open000Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2017.021002017.085-62.3 & 22closed garage015Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2017.020992017.125-62.3 & 22closed garage023Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2017.020942019.025-62.3 & 22closed garage050Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2019.031022019.035-62.3 & 22closed garage000Zoé (Z40 R110)
Gyuri2012.110882017.125-72.3-3.7closed garage048Fluence
Gyuri2012.110792019.015-72.3-3.7closed garage070Fluence
Eros2013.061022018.0172.3 & 43open & closed garage113Zoé (Q210)
Technieq2016.011142018.03212.3 & 3.7open 010Kangoo ZE 26kWh
JIN FENG GOH2017.020992018.093-46-22open048Zoé (R240)
JIN FENG GOH2017.020982020.013-46-22open084Zoé (R240)
Pixie2018.101012018.1033garage000Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.101002019.0132+22garage004Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.10992019.0632+22garage009Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.10982019.1032+22garage014Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.10972020.05322garage014Zoe (Z40 R90)
Bahrt2018.08832019.035-622open008Zoe (R240)
Zuhril2017.09982019.075-102,3.7,22,43open & closed020 Zoe (Q210)
Peter2015.11732019.071-33,7open & closed033Zoe (R240)
Peter2015.11982019.081-33.7open & closed034Zoe (R240) BMS 0854
Luis Mendes2017.09952019.0972garage029Zoe (Z40 R90)
Alex2019.061002019.111-29/11outdoor parking006Zoe (Z40 R110)
DompaEV2017.02972019.121-33.7-22open & closed018Zoe (Z40 R90)

If you want to contribute, please leave a comment in the current post with all relevant information. I will then integrate it into the table and delete the comment.

For reference only, here a table that indicates the settings for the given charging power.

Power (kW)PhasesCurrent (A)

About the Zoe battery

The Zoe has a 26 kWh battery pack (rated capacity), see this document, page 60: 12 modules * 16 cells * 3.75 volt * 36 Ah = 25.92 kWh. However, it’s life would be severely shortened if using that capacity. The BMS caps the capacity by roughly just under 10% on both the charged as well as the discharged end. This saves a lot of battery stress but reduces the capacity to a usable 22 kWh. If you want to know more about how these type of cells should be treated, here is a good link.

8 Comments on “Battery Health Status

  1. I have a ZOE R240 with less than 40000 Km since nov. 2015. Unfortunattely I had an accident, (heck damage). According to my own measurements: SOH 98%, max. delta cell voltage 10mV . Renault car dealer (ZE base !) is taking in account “internal consideration” and classifies the battery as defective. They “cannot” tell me WHY because of “data protection reasons”. I love my car and I don’t want to give up.

    Does anybody have experience with this ? Any hint is welcome.

    Regards from Stuttgart,


    • You might have more input from the forum. My opinion only (I have no experience with this) I assume your battery is rented. If Renault wants to replace it, I wouldn’t object. If you own the battery, the decision is up to you I would think?

      • Hello Jeroen,

        yes the battery is rented and my first step was on that forum. The crux of the matter, till now all happens on my own cost.



        • There is not much I can say, other than that the battery is VERY well protected against damage. Personally, I would take it to a body shop and be happy with it, but that’s me. I always take the dealer’s advice, but not if they cannot explain it. Good luck Lucian.

  2. Nick: Niels
    Purchase: 2017-04
    SOH: 95 (i caught it changing from 96 to 95 close to home, within approx 2 minutes, charged to 100% including balancing, did not change the value.)
    Measured: 28-11-2019
    Charges/week: Variable, 1 full charge on average (previous owner 1-2, estimated about 1.6 full charges)
    Charging speed: Usually 11, sometimes rarely 44 or 22 kW. (Bear in mind drove this car for less than 1000km at time of measuring. I know the previous owner often used 44 kW chargers and charged with 7 or 11 kW at home.)
    Place: Previous owner often in the open, me in the open
    km: 43882
    Car: Zoe Q90

  3. Hi everyone

    What exactly does Battery Health Status mean.
    The table shows some examples where Battery Health Status is greater than 100%.
    Honestly, I thought a perfectly healthy battery had a value of 100%.

    • Almost certainly (I am careful with absolutes), 100% means 100% Ah capacity, with reference to the nominal capacity. In real life, most batteries are delivered 1-3 percents above nominal, I assume to keep production failures for low capacity extremely limited.

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