Battery Health Status

We are trying to find out what handling is the best for our batteries, thus we are happy about each costumer that gives a feedback about his car.

Status (%)
Date measuredCharges
per week
power (kW)
Km (x1000)Car
Fesch2013.051022017.012-33,7closed garage028Zoé
Fesch2013.051022019.015-73.7closed garage060Zoé
Daniel2013.080892015.102-443open carport021Zoé
Tor2015.041002015.105-711open012Zoé (Q210)
Ole2015.061002015.107-153,7 & 22open carport022Zoé
Sandy2014.060982015.101.5-27 & 43open013Zoé
Sandy2014.060902017.011.5-27 & 43open017Zoé
Sandy2014.060882017.051.5-27 & 43open026Zoé
Sandy2014.060852017.051.5-27 & 43open027Zoé
Sandy2014.060982017.061.5-27 & 43open028Zoé (BMS updated)
Sandy2014.060962017.051.5-27 & 43open035Zoé
Sandy2014.060952018.071.5-27 & 43open040Zoé
Sandy2014.060942018.071.5-27 & 43open041Zoé
Sandy2014.060932018.071.5-27 & 43open041Zoé
Sandy2014.060932019.031.5-27 & 43open048Zoé
Fer2015.050872015.106-79.0closed garage012Zoé (Q210)
Fer2015.020912015.106-74.6closed garage018Zoé (Q210)
Ritxi2012.020782015.105-73.3closed garage066Fluence
Fivari2013.121012015.1126.5closed garage028Zoé
Schouf262013.031022015.11722open garage074Zoé
mmezo2014.061022015.111-23closed garage004Zoé
mmezo2014.061022015.1123closed garage006Zoé
Sten2013.060922015.111-27 & 22open carport021Zoé
ener732013.061022015.124-57.4 & 22closed garage062Zoé
Arthur2013.070892015.121-311-22open carport027Zoé (Q210)
Crf2015.121052015.1272open carport002Zoe (R240)
Crf2015.120842017.0772open carport039Zoe (R240)
JoDa2014.060922015.12611closed garage027Zoé
cece742013.040862015.1263.7closed garage051Zoé
Claude2013.050862016.012-311closed garage032Zoé
Tim2013.090892016.012-37 & 43open052Zoé (Q210)
Tim2015.091002016.012-33.7, 7 & 43open009Zoé (Q210)
Grejazi2014.061092016.027-212.3 & 3.7closed garage / carport019Fluence
THellweg2014.080942016.025-722open035Zoe (Q210white)
THellweg2015.120962016.025-722open011Zoe (Q210black)
Alexc2013.120862016.021-222open050 Zoe (R240grey)
lingley2013.060852016.023-72.4-43closed garage042Zoe (Q210)
Kai2013.060842016.033-59, 22 & 43open carport045Zoe (Q210)
Kai2013.060862016.123-59, 22 & 43open carport054Zoe (Q210)
beatus2015.010982016.035-714-43010Zoe (Q210black)
most2016.021052016.032-522open002 Zoé (R240)
JBS-EP Tender2013.031022016.053-47open (near Paris)049Zoe (Q210)
bene2015.100962016.105-622open023Zoe (R240)
Claude2013.050842016.102-311closed garage040Zoé
Bernd2014.120722017.013-522open carport017Zoé (Q210)
Claude2013.050822017.012-311closed garage041Zoé
Fidelio2013.031022017.013-422open072Zoé (Q210)
Grejazi2014.061012017.037-212.3 & 3.7closed garage / carport040Fluence
FrancescZOE 2013.100862017.051-24.6closed garage038Zoé (Q210)
FrancescZOE 2013.100972019.011-220closed garage082Zoé (Q210)
Bruce 2015.050942017.051-27closed garage005Zoé (Q210)
schussi2016.071012017.111-222open020Zoé (R240)
schussi2016.070982018.091-222open030Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021052017.032-33-22open000Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021032017.062-33-22open012Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021012017.112-33-22open024Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021002018.052-36-22open036Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020982019.043-46-22open060Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020982019.083-46-22open072Zoé (R240)
iwi2013.060762017.122-34-22open carport019Zoé
decalco2013.031022016.036-76.4 & 22open056Zoe (Q210)
decalco2017.021012017.025-62.3 & 22open000Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2017.021002017.085-62.3 & 22closed garage015Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2017.020992017.125-62.3 & 22closed garage023Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2017.020942019.025-62.3 & 22closed garage050Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2019.031022019.035-62.3 & 22closed garage000Zoé (Z40 R110)
Gyuri2012.110882017.125-72.3-3.7closed garage048Fluence
Gyuri2012.110792019.015-72.3-3.7closed garage070Fluence
Eros2013.061022018.0172.3 & 43open & closed garage113Zoé (Q210)
Technieq2016.011142018.03212.3 & 3.7open 010Kangoo ZE 26kWh
JIN FENG GOH2017.020992018.093-46-22open048Zoé (R240)
Pixie2018.101012018.1033garage000Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.101002019.0132+22garage004Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.10992019.0632+22garage009Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.10982019.1032+22garage014Zoe (Z40 R90)
Bahrt2018.08832019.035-622open008Zoe (R240)
Zuhril2017.09982019.075-102,3.7,22,43open & closed020 Zoe (Q210)
Peter2015.11732019.071-33,7open & closed033Zoe (R240)
Peter2015.11982019.081-33.7open & closed034Zoe (R240) BMS 0854
Luis Mendes2017.09952019.0972garage029Zoe (Z40 R90)

If you want to contribute, please leave a comment in the current post with all relevant information. I will then integrate it into the table and delete the comment.

For reference only, here a table that indicates the settings for the given charging power.

Power (kW)PhasesCurrent (A)

About the Zoe battery

The Zoe has a 26 kWh battery pack (rated capacity), see this document, page 60: 12 modules * 16 cells * 3.75 volt * 36 Ah = 25.92 kWh. However, it’s life would be severely shortened if using that capacity. The BMS caps the capacity by roughly just under 10% on both the charged as well as the discharged end. This saves a lot of battery stress but reduces the capacity to a usable 22 kWh. If you want to know more about how these type of cells should be treated, here is a good link.

105 comments on “Battery Health Status
  1. Jeroen Meijer says:

    May I suggest another keyword? A factor of importance might be the general cycle depth. My car for instance is always charged at night, but often runs only a few 10ths of kilometers a day. I would call that “shallow cycle”. People doing a 95 km one way commute every day, charging at work, I would call that a “deep cycle”. Word in the street is that deep cycles are a bit better for SOH.

  2. Sandy says:

    Can the app show the next decimal place in a future release?

  3. Alexandre Moleiro says:

    Using field “0x7bb, 80, 87, 2, 1, 0, 10, Bat SOH%3ld.%01ld, %, 0x2161, 0x6161, , 1, 0, 0\n” it is possible to get 0.5% precision, like 90.5 91.0 91.5, but no more than that.

    You can also compare health by Capacity in Ah, but it’s not Renault’s official measure for battery changes.

  4. stiloboy says:

    Cheers Alexandre, I was wondering if my battery was closer to 99% SOH because I can get really good mileage.

    One thing I have noticed with the software (while testing a 43kw post) is that it still says 1 phase even though its a 3 phase connection.

    I’ve already been able to evidence a brand of charger (evolt) which is held back to 17kw when charging on AC instead of (siemens comparable) 40.4kw (on an equally low SOC battery).

    Great software, keep up the great work.

  5. Jeroen Meijer says:

    You can easily see if the charger is holding back or the car is. “Available charging power” is what the charger is stating as max. “Max battery charge/regen” is what the car can absorb given the SOC, temperature and maybe some other black magic. Some fast chargers, even wehn not load balancing with other cars being charged, have a nasty habit of starting low and then slowly “turning up the volume”. This is rather “not done” IMHO when you have to pay by the minute.

    Some people suggested to crowd-sticker chargers “checked by CanZe: xx kW”, hehe.

  6. Jeroen Meijer says:

    AFAIK Tesla and Nissan state their capacities in rated kWh, while Renault is “too honest” and states usable. In all fairness, in the Tesla you can “emergency use” most of that excess with a manual override.

  7. STEN says:

    Hallo Zusammen,
    hier die Beobachtungen zu meiner ZOE.
    Gekauft 06/2013.
    06/2013 0km 100% (Hoffentlich)
    07/2014 13400km 98% Renault Batteriereport
    12/2014 18800km 96% iCarsoft 907
    02/2015 21150km 96% iCarsoft 907
    04/2015 23960km 94% iCarsoft 907
    10/2015 31263km 92% iCarsoft 907
    Ich lade 1-2 mal pro Woche meist mit 22kW. Im Sommer lade ich mit 7kW
    wegen des Lärms der Klimaanalge zur Batteriekühlung. Der Wagen steht immer in einem offenen Carport.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Thank you for your data Sten. Here is a tip: If you put your car in ECO mode before switching it off and then connect your charger, the fans will not kick in (or much, much later)

  8. seppele77 says:

    My data:
    ener73 2013.06 102 4-5 22 – 7,4 closed garage 62 Zoé

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      That is insanely good!

      • seppele77 says:

        I have some doubts on this SOH value… Why many users have exactly 102 SOH ?? Is this value reliable?

        • Jeroen Meijer says:

          You are completely free to have doubts. Feel free to cross check with an i907 or your dealer.

          • FYI iCarsoft 907 will set you back about £120 for Zoe. 😉 You guys should be at least token charging for your CanZe its that good.

          • Jeroen Meijer says:

            Thanks for the heads up and most appreciated 🙂 We have discussed this amongst us just a few days ago. While we most certainly do not dislike money, there is a feeling that for the probably relative minute amount that would come in, the risk of getting into an argument about it is simply not worth it. Maybe we will change our minds 😉

  9. Grejazi says:

    For remark:

    Datas were taken after using the whole capacity-range of the battery for min. 3 times because of having some long runs to handle.

    When using only 50% of capacity-range for a longer time the datas for capacity is still smaller. I think the BMS can only calculate a correct capacity when discharging the battery down to warning because the discharging curve is not linear….

  10. THellweg says:

    Hello team,

    here are the current health states of our two Zoe cars.
    THellweg – 2014.08 – 94% – 5-7 – 22kW – open – 35tkm – Zoe (210white)
    THellweg – 2015.12 – 96% – 5-7 – 22kW – open – 11tkm – Zoe (210black)

    The white car was ordered as a new car so its manufacturing date will not differ much from the purchase date.

    The black car was purchased in december 2015 with a mileage of 7tkm already driven – but it is a 2013.05 model.
    Here are the details:
    Before we bought it the car was used as a demonstartor and rental car (for customers) by the car dealer.
    It´s real fabrication date is 2013.05 (the problematic period) and indeed – serious charging problems occured after some time.
    Therefore the car dealer installed a new motor, a new charger, a new batterie and an new TCU in 2015.05.
    We were told that the displayed mileage of 7.4tkm is from the period 2015.05 until 2015.12 when we bought it.
    The batterie health was displayed with 98% in december until it decreased some days ago from 98% directly down to 96%!
    I drove 3.5tkm with it from the end of december till mid-february and charged 5-7 times/week with 22kW.
    This is the same mileage than before with the white one that is now driven (with fewer mileage, 1.2tkm/month) by my wife.
    I was surprised that the health state jumped down 2% at once and now I´m concerned that the health state will continue to decrease so rapidly. But most confusing of all for me is that I see a lot of cars in the list with more than 100% health state.
    Maybe this health state parameter is made of 50% “black magic” !?

    All the values are taken with CanZE.
    Thank you for this great software product!

  11. Hi Jeroen and all team,
    thanks for the very useful app. I even bought a cheap Android tablet for it (and only it) and love using it on longer travels. I love especially the consumption screen. Now, since you’ve announced that Frédéric is building up CanZE for iOS I just can’t wait to have an early alpha installed and tested. The WiFi dongle is already on it’s way from China… 🙂

    keep up the excellent work!

  12. stiloboy says:

    My pack dropped from 96% on 15th to 91% on 17th. 🙁

    • JBS says:

      Are you making frequent shallow charging ? (typically every night)

      • stiloboy says:

        Not really. I tend to charge twice a week, although it’s a full charge from low SOC.

        I’ve also go on long trips occasionally which may need 10 rapid charges.

        Having dropped to 91% it’s now recovered to 92% and seems to be staying there.

  13. JBS says:

    Rapid is 43 kW ? How many such long distance trips per year ?

    Seems the SOH estimate is not necessarily reliable: I’ve been reading of a test with 75% SOH and still 22 kWh available when actually making a trip (in spite of 17,5 kWh capacity announced).

  14. stiloboy says:

    Maybe only 2-3 a year, but as much as 500miles at constant 70mph (other than stopping for charge)

    My car now shows 21.6kwh but I just covered 122.6miles on a single charge and yet I used 23kwh (no charge top ups).

    My actual regen per charge now seems to have gone up a lot too. Used to be 1kwh per 22kwh but now more like 4kwh per charge as regen.

  15. Rémy says:

    The battery of my Fluence ZE which was at 84% SOH last year is now at 76%.

    It was 75% in july, but … I did not used the car for a dozen of day this summer and the SOH came up to 94% .
    It took three weeks and more than 500 km to go back from 94% to 76%.

  16. Lorenzo says:

    Hi to all,
    i’ve buy my Zoe in 10/2014. Now it’s 81% of SoH. It’s ever charged with a 22kw external charging station. In the winter the temperature drop below -10 celsius degree.

  17. Kay says:

    Hi to all.

    I was doing a research on the Zoe.I am curious to know how you all are able to tell the Battery Health Status?

  18. Bernd says:

    I would like to add my data as well:

    Zoé (Q210 with 43 kW charger) purchased Dec. 2014; now 17500 km; typically charged in an open carport with 22 kW, 3-5 times a week.
    SOH Level is at 72% now.

    Ist the SOH Level critical (battery is coming to an end) or directly linked to the temperatures we have currently (-10 °C in southern Germany)?

  19. Bernd Ziegler says:

    Thanks Bob,
    That’s what I already did. But the usual dealer can not help. I have to contact an authorised ZE station to verify the status. But the next one is not around the corner

    • Bernd Ziegler says:

      Hi Bob,
      Just to give a short update on what happened meanwhile.
      I came in contact with the next authorized ZE station (Bellemann, Speyer) and they performed very well. They confirmed the SOH value and managed the BMS update.
      Now, the SOH is 99% and I am enjoying 40 km more to drive.

      Thanks to you and the team for programming this nice CanZE tool.


      • Francesc Signes says:

        Hello Berd. My question is, the BMS firmware could give you 40km more of track ? incredible. DO the EV dealer advise owners to update it? it is done on regular revisions ever year?

        Salute from spain

        • Bernd Ziegler says:

          Hi Francesc,
          Greetings to Spain.
          Yes, after the BMS update I was able to (re)use the full capacity of the battery which result in 40 km more driving range (compared to the previous level; not the conditions I had when purchasing my ZOE).
          Prior doing the update the dealer had to ask Renault for authorisation. Any kind of update looks like an individual activity. No general announcement from Renault to ZOE owners to do the update known.

          Best regards


  20. Harm says:

    Hi Bob, I am making charts of this data. Is it possible to add the date when measured to this table?

    Many thanks, Harm.

  21. Fidelio says:

    Hello, i would like to add my data, too. Although i´m not sure, if the SOH is correct (read with CanZE and Maxi Scan 902):

    P: 2013/3 SOH: 102% DM: 2017/01/30 CpW: 3-4 CP: 22kW CPlace: Open KM: 72 Car: Zoe (Q210)

  22. Grejazi says:

    Grejazi – 2014.06 – 101 – 2017.03 – 7-21 – 2.3 & 3.7 – closed garage / carport – 40 – Fluence

    Battery health Status update at 40.004km Battery temperature 30°C – after some longruns with discharging down to less than 20% of capacity.
    In January at 37.000km SOH=98%.

  23. Sandy says:

    I’m now down at 88% SOH with 26,000 miles on clock. But got car booked into dealer on 11th to see if the BMS update will restore lost health.

  24. Stephen says:

    Got my ZOE 2 months ago. SOH 80%. Just did a range test and achieved 181km. According trip report: Consumption 22kWh, saved: 2kWh = ca. 20kWh usable battery capacity

    Previous owner charged with most of the time with 2.3kWh, not known how often per week, the supposed data:
    evzone 2015.06 – 80 – 2017.05 – approx .3? – 2.3 – carport – 18 – ZOE

    The SOH seems somewhat low to me given the achieved range…and consumed kWh?

  25. Sandy says:

    Sandy here. SOH now showing 85% at 27k miles. Car is going into garage in 2 days for a hopeful BMS update.

    • Francesc Signes says:

      Hello Sandy, any good news on BMS update? To all other users, do you advise a visit to garage for this?

      • Jeroen Meijer says:

        From what I heard (but I am not sure this correct) Renault informed it’s dealers that the update should be applied if AND ONLY IF:
        – balancing (99% to 100%) takes a very long time;
        – battery degradation seems extremely fast

  26. Sandy says:

    Not yet. I used a new dealer, they had car 9 days and didn’t do a darn thing.

    Going to a better one on 20th as they were recommended by folk who had a successful BMS update.

    So I’ll report back around the 22nd hopefully.

    • Sandy says:

      Car is now back from the new dealer.

      CanZE tells me, at 98.3% SOC i’ve got 22.1kwh and SOH is showing as 98%. Pretty pleased with that.

      BMS and BMS (Safety) computers were both updated. Not check the BMS version yet, but will.

      • Francesc says:

        Thanks for report.
        I am in similar case. 39000km and 86-88% SOH.
        Do you advice BMS update?
        Perhaps a visit to ZE garage?

        • Sandy says:

          If you ask for BMS updates you likely won’t get it.

          Best to say your down on range and that it takes a long time from 99% to 100%

      • Sandy says:

        Now tested with a full 100% charge. I have 22.8kwh available with 0.6kwh for regen capacity.

        Very pleased with BMS update. My SOH is showing as 98%. So the same as my first report on this site, back in 2015. 🙂

        Car mid way through 28,000miles.

        • Francesc says:

          Really good. The question is. Does the car drives more km now?

          • Sandy says:

            So far only carried out a few shortish trips.

            With roofbars fitted I got 44miles on 11kwh. So it does seem range has increased.

            Roofbox fitted now so I’ll get an idea this week if range has increased, but I expect the roofbars and box to knock about 10miles off range.

          • Sandy says:

            I have now covered nearly 32k miles. SOH has just dropped from 98% to 96%. kWh available at 100% is showing 22.3kwh.

            The rot begins lol

          • Bob Fisch says:

            For your last entry, your SOH was 85%. That does not quite fit your number … ?

          • Sandy says:

            Check my June 21st entry. I had BMS update and this bumped my soh back to 98%

  27. Crf says:

    My SOH update:
    Crf 2015.12 84 2017.07 7 2 open carport 39 Zoe (R240)

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Which makes 20% loss in 2 years and 37’000 km

      • Jeroen Meijer says:

        I think we can nullify this item. There is new software for the battery that completely changes it’s behavior. I’ve seen 20% jump of the SOH. There was obviously something not quite OK with the old firmware and I also think Renault dares to push the edges of the capacity a tiny bit more.

  28. Jaap says:

    Technieq / 2016.01 / 114% / 2018.03.01 / 21+ / 2.3 & 3.7 / open / 10 / Kangoo ZE 26kWh

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Do you really charge your car 21+ times per week???

      • Oleksandr Sharov says:

        Hi Bob , ilve just also checked a Kangoo ZE 2012 and it showed me 114% . and OdoBattery like 3k kms . I checked with both . CanZE and Fluence ZE spy. Strange enough Fluence ZE didnt show Odometer Car .. only OdoBattery. I can share the screens if needed.
        I wonder whether it can be a bug for Kangoos Ze. can you advice?

  29. Its, not it’s (paragraph about the battery)

  30. JIN FENG GOH says:

    Hello CanZE team, just wanted to note that my latest SOH update has the wrong “Date Measured” input. 🙂

  31. Sandy says:

    My SOH bounced back up to 98 for a time but has now stopped at 97% SOH at 36k miles.

    This is a similar experience to pre-BMS. Question is will it follow the same pattern again. I do hope not, I want to be wrong, because if it’s true I’m going to struggle this summer if range drops.

  32. Mag.Wolfgang Binder says:

    Dear Bob,
    why is there a difference of 2° between the midtemperature of the heatmap and the charging history.
    Best regards the last mohikan

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Sorry, what are you referring too? Either I’m to sleepy or I really didn’t get your question 🙁

      • Mag.Wolfgang Binder says:

        I refer to the circumstance that f.e. the heatmap show 26,75°(midterm,3 of 4 with 27° and one 26°) in the last moment bevor shutdown (battery full), the charging history then make a entry with 24°..

        • Bob Fisch says:

          Okay, I see. This comes probably due to the fake that these values do come from different fields provided by the car. So we can conclude that these are different sensors too.

          • Mag.Wolfgang Binder says:

            That means that the only way to get the better information is to try both values and look which gives the higher range.

          • Bob Fisch says:

            No, that means that the two different sensors at probably two different locations are being read out.

            The values from the heatmap come from the different cells.
            The other value comes from another sensor – were the location is not known – and which gives the temperature of that specific location. I could imagine that this is outside the battery shell, whereas the cell values are measured inside.

          • Mag.Wolfgang Binder says:

            Dear Bob,
            I Think that I know now the meaning of the temperature in the charging history.
            It is the average temperature of the battery when you begin charging.
            This is helpful for me, because i can influence this value with special hardware.
            Thank you so much for your work and your time.

  33. Erikvb says:

    I just read 69%SOH @55k kms. Range is 90kms on full charge. Do I have a record on my hands? 10 degrees C

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      That seems awfully low. Did you have the latest LBC software applied? Check in firmware screen, tap LBC. Software should be 0851 (from memory). If you also have long charging stuck at 99%, make sure you mention that to the dealer. It is the “safe word” for getting the fix and it should be for free.

      Edit: if this is a Fluence ZE you are talking about, ignore my comment please 🙂

  34. Sandy says:

    Sandy… Post BMS. Now at 48,000 miles and SOH has now dropped to 93%

    It did bounce up to 98% for a few weeks, 2000 mile or there abouts before dropping to 93%. As I’ve said for a couple of years now I feel the BMS update was just to change charging profile. The big gain in SOH was down to the pack shutdown and restart. And look my pack seems to be following a very similar degredatiob profile as it did pre-BMS.

    • Francesc says:

      I have noticed something similar. 98% soh… And now 94% in few thousand km… Over 53500km

      • Jeroen Meijer says:

        Thing is though, you can’t simply extrapolate that. Mine was upgraded 18 month and over 27000 km ago (total just a pinch under 100000 km). And the SOH is 94%. I can’t remember the exact SOH it was reporting before it went in back then, but I certainly remember it being on 86%. I was probably a few lower.

        It had degraded 16-ish percent in under 3 years. Now it has not only reset, but degraded 6-ish overall. I haven’t seen a shred of proof yet that the old and the new lines are converging. The old line would have taken me at roughly 76% by now on a 5+% per year rate. After 18 month mine is still on a slower 4-% per year rate. Diverging still.

        Now we can argue
        1) that mine is a sample of one too, and that is completely fair
        2) “but wait till it will really start to drop you!”, and that is complete silly conspiracy thinking.

        If we want to have this argument in a somewhat sensible way, I would think we need at least a few, preferably randomly picked cars, and we’d need to see the degradation patterns before and after the update.

        • Francesc says:

          I propose. An option in experimental.
          “Allow canZE to transmit my SoH and KM and batery Temp to developer website or datebases” .
          For statistical and “case studies” 🙂

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Since your and my car are slightly comparable: nov 2013, Q210, pinch over 100.000km now, 97%. It’s indeed a bit wobbly, but still going strong.

  35. Sandy says:

    48,300 now at 94%. Matches what it did pre-BMS. Now I expect it will drop to 89 or 88% within a few 1000 miles.

    I understand you can’t “just” compare with 1 car. That’s why I’ve asked people on speakev to update their soh findings too.

    It has to be more than a coincidence that my soh drops pretty much exactly mirror that before the BMS update.

  36. Andreas Bahrt says:

    I will certainly like to contribute to your table, so please add the following data…

    Nickname – Bahrt
    Purchased – 2018.08
    Battery health status – 83
    Date measured – 2019.03
    Charges per week – 5-6
    Charging power (kW) – 22
    Charging place at home – Open
    Kilometers (x1000) – 8.400
    Car – Zoe (R240)

    … I would also like you to answer my following questions…

    Every weekday my Zoe runs a charging cycle from approx. 20% to 100% (after work)… Having driven 8.400 km, I find it a bit extreme finding the ‘Battery health status’ at 83.

    Question 1:
    Can I use the ‘Battery health status’ value as a percentage of the 22kW to get the ‘Energy available’ value? Calculation: 22kW – 83% = 18,26kW… According to the car, the battery is 100% charged at this point.

    You can see the CanZE data here:

    Question 2:
    I am a little worried about my battery condition degrading so much already… Will Renault accept to provide a new battery, when the SOH is below 70? The battery is not rented.


    • Bob Fisch says:

      #1: As far as we know, the SOH is not only the percentage of the available energy, but we have no calculation details …

      #2: If the battery is not rented, Renault will most certainly not replace it, even if the SOH falls below 70%.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      1) Your battery condition is horrific and it has nothing to do with your charging habits at all. I bet you have old firmware. Check the firmware of the LBC and see if it is on 0854 or higher.
      2) Did you really buy an R240 *new* in august 2018? If not, what is the date of new purchase? Same for the km’s. I am not trying to be facetious but at that time, almost all sales switched to R90.
      3) From memory (so don’t quote me on it) the battery warranty for a battery owned model is replacement/repair when under 70% SOH within 5 years / 100.000 km’s, whichever comes first. If your battery is truly going down this fast, and it´s not the LBC bug, and your purchase/km’s are “from new”, you should have no problem claiming warranty.

      For reference (sample of one, I know), my battery is mod 90’s after 5.5 year and 100.000 km.

  37. Andreas Bahrt says:

    I realize that I should have been more precise about the purchase conditions… This particular Zoe was bought (by me) after it had been kept as a exhibition car, at the dealers facility since start 2016. Just parked there (inside the building), to be displayed for potential buyers. The odometer was saying 40 km when I took over the vehicle. I payed a fair (I hope) price for this car – approx. €23.000 (incl. the 50% EV tax which we face here in Denmark). I will indeed check the LBC firmware version and report back.

    Thanks a lot btw, for your great effort in bringing this useful software to the crowd.

  38. Peter says:

    My Zoe is a November 2015 model. I bought it in July 2018 and must now renew the battery lease.
    My local dealer measured the Battery Condition (PR144) in February 2019 (18000 miles) and reported 73%. So we arranged for a replacement battery under warranty.
    On the day of replacement the agent called me to say they had used the wrong data to report State of Health and the true value was 100% – no replacement needed.
    So I purchased a Konnwei ELM327 dongle and used CanZE to make my own SoH measurement = 73%.
    I have started the Renault complaints procedure.

    The dealer says the correct data must be downloaded from Renault servers. I have their report showing SoH 100% but Date of vehicle link 30.10.2015 ! The report is marked confidential.

    Winter range has been 60miles (5-10C), summer 85miles (15-20C). This may be normal for a 22kWh battery but why have Renault given me conflicting data?


    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      My advice would be: check the LBC firmware version with CanZE. If it is below 0854 (and I bet it is, go to the dealer and tell him range on the GOM is getting strangely low and when charging it’s stuck on 99% for a very long time. This is the magic complaints that will make them update the firmware in the LBC and BCB. The SOH is probably in the mid 90’s. As for them having old data: a bit of a BS story as the CLIP tool reads exactly that. They can print it out and send it to CS. They even did that at every service in the first two years standard, at least here. Does your app work? If that’s never been enabled, just maybe the car is not telling big brother.

      • Peter says:

        Thanks Jeroen. Indeed the LBC firmware is 0751. That gives me confidence to return to the Dealer. Customer Relations contributed nothing to resolving the issue.

  39. Zuhril says:

    Owh by the way, I bought this used Zoe last April 2019 from a Zoe leasing/rental company. It was idle for 2 years! The mileage was around 11,000 km when I took ownership. Battery SoH drops to 75% after several weeks of usage than shoot back to 98% after the BMS LBC update.

  40. Peter Pope says:

    I have determined that my car is an R240 because the VIN contains code B. VF1AGVYBxxxxxxxx. It will only charge up to 22kW.
    However, CanZE returns Q210. When I post my battery data I want to be sure all the details are correct.
    Any suggestions?

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Goto settings and chose the right car?

      • Sandy says:

        91% at 52500

        Rot is setting in. 21kwh is the claim at 100% charge. A few months ago it claimed 22.5kwh usable even though I couldn’t use over 20kwh before it kicked in early limp mode.

        Sadly my adventure with Zoe is coming to an end. I expect to have a new EV before end of the year. Hopefully it drives as well but gives me less silly issues in first 6 months and no long term deg concerns.

  41. Oskar says:

    Hi. What app shall I use for my kangoo now that the canze doesn’t cover it anymore?

  42. Peter Pope says:

    BMS updated to 0854. SoH now reads 98% and the range prediction is accurate at 100miles (speed limited to 56mph). Thank you John Banks, Cambridge.
    Vehicle update:
    Purchase 2015.11
    SoH 98%
    Date measured 2019.08
    Charge 1-3
    Power 3.7
    Place Open & closed
    Km 034
    Car ZoE (R240 BMS update)

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