A DIY CanZE dongle, part 2. Geek talk.

We might have ironed out most issues with the DIY dongle. If there are people willing to build an ESP32 based dongle, especially if they own a Q90, R90, or R110 model, we would like to hear about it. Requirements would be:

  • Preferably drive one of the above models.
  • Willing and able to build a dongle, which requires ordering stuff through Aliexpress or ebay HK, basic soldering skills, and either some basic knowledge of using PlatformIO with Atom (or VSCode) with git, or the ability to upload binaries to an ESP32 development board from the command line.
  • Fool around with it, and be willing to cycle quickly though different updates of CanZE or the ESP32 code.

12 comments on “A DIY CanZE dongle, part 2. Geek talk.
  1. Ryanteck says:

    I’m up for it but have a Q210, I have the soldering skills and can upload binaries to an ESP no issue. I might even prefer to build a PCB with a OBD Socket on it rather than have it on a mix of bits.

    • Gordon mccrea says:

      R110 here and already ordered from your shopping list….

      • Gordon mccrea says:

        Up and running thanks do you want any testing done?

        • Jeroen Meijer says:

          Well, we have quite a few reports that the standard “Chinese ELMs” work lousy or not at all on the 90 and 110 models, probably since the bus overwhelms the dongle’s resources. I fully expect this dongle to work without any problem and will ie populate the consumption screen without a blink. So if you could simply give it a spin or two, that would be great.

          And should you get bored by that, the new TPMS part worked fine on a Q90 I could check it on, but who knows……

  2. Jeroen Meijer says:

    Great. Let me know when you have the parts, see previous post on this subject. By then I should have published the connections (just a few wires), and the code should be a bit more stable.

  3. Norbert Molnar says:

    I have the skills but -at the moment- I don’t have a Zoe. I already owned 2, and want to have the 3. soon…
    So I’m definitely interested.

  4. I prefer to buy an already build dongle. Experimenting is ok also but not for day to day use.

  5. Jeroen Meijer says:

    We think the code for the dongle is stable enough. The project is here https://gitlab.com/jeroenmeijer/cansee In the doc folder there is build description.

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