Martijn Hendriks

Proud and happy owner of a Renault Zoe Intens since December 2013. The finest (production) car I have ever driven.

Also owning a self-built EV-conversion: the Volvo 240 GL Classic Electric. (see and Conversion took place from 2010-2012. During this project a lot of expertise has been built up about EV technology. Several (semi-)advanced features are installed, such as CAN bus based communications between BMS and Inverter (for LVC and HVC, CCL and DCL), implemented dual AC charger (2-phase) system, etc. Recently a CHAdeMO based fast charge system has been added to the Volvo (one of the first fast charging EV conversions in the world), so now it can drive through the whole country without “range anxiety”, just as easy as with the Zoe, thanks to Fastned and Allego fast charging networks. Next step is to establish better (CAN based) integration between the fast charge controller and the BMS.

Full time job is to advice enterprises on implementing Modern Marketing strategies using market leading cloud based marketing automation applications.

In addition I have my own small consulting company working with organizations on e-mobility promotion, EV conversion developments, and EV charging infrastructure improvement.

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