Alexandre Moleiro

Fluence ZE Spy

This page is dedicated to the development of the Fluence ZE Spy Application that uses a bluetooth OBD dongle compatible with ELM327 version 1.5 or 1.4.

It does not have so many features as CanZE and it only works on the Fluence ZE but it’s lighter and simpler.

Please take a look at the Hardware page for more details on compatible devices.

Informal warning

Before you download and use this software consider the following: you are interfering with your car and doing that with hardware and software beyond your control (and frankly, for a large part beyond ours), created by a loose team of interested amateurs in this field. Any car is a possibly lethal piece of machinery and you might hurt or kill yourself or others by using it, or even by paying attention to the display instead of watching the road. Be extremely prudent!

By downloading this software, or the source code provided on github, you agree to have completely understand this.

Latest version available at Google Play (PlayStore)

For the old versions click here

Source code available at GitHub:

I also provide a Fluence ZE CanBus information spreadsheet if you would like to develop your own system, here is the link:

How to find the OBD connector:



Version 0.4.5 general overview (portuguese audio):

Some screenshots:






Here are some videos of my Arduino UNO setup and CanBus shield on the Fluence ZE: