Author: Jeroen Meijer

Some more digging in the intestines (Q model)

Two very interesting videos about the inner workings. Even disassembly of a PEB. Many thanks Dutch forum user “Riesbak”

Statistics revisited

Another episode of the 4-weekly statistics and some additional information Growth is steady. Last month we’ve seen a 4% increase. Crashes and ANRs (unresponsive screens) are again slashed. In the last 7 days (Taken because now most are on 1.37):

Small UI changes coming up

In the next release you will notice some UI changes. All screens will now have an Android style “Home” button, a left pointing arrow left of the title. The main menu will no longer display the settings icon in the

New release 1.37 is rolling out

Title says it all. The only thing you should notice is you can now transfer the app to SD memory. All other changes are technical fixes to further improve stability.

Statistics revisited, with a focus on fixing errors

Four weeks after the first statistics post, a short update on the subjects touched. We’ve rolled out 2 new versions since. Well technically 3, but one was in error and superseded within an hour; Growth the usual 4+% over the

Range screen

The Range screen has been fixed and needs some explanation. In essence it compares the available range calculated by the car to three different ranges: The first number is a range based on the current energy content of the battery


CanZE has no “phone home” capabilities, but Google acquires quite a bit of data and I thought it would be fun to give you a bit of an insight at what we’re up against. We are seeing a fairly consistent

Sunsetting Fluence and Kangoo support, upping the ante for the Twizy

As much as we like to cover the full ZE spectrum of the Renault brand, the time has come to end support for the Fluence ZE and Kangoo ZE. We have no access to these cars, there are no developers

New release coming up

As you probably noticed, a lot of work is being done. We’re gearing up for a new release again. Added total kWh and charge counts in the (experimental) Charging history screen. Very useful if you are checking out a used

Torque, acceleration, powerrrrr revisited

Quite a while ago I did a strictly theoretical calculation on ZOE’s acceleration. You can find the post here. The end result was 8.9 seconds. I think in reality it is somewhere between 11 and 13; I should really do