Author: Bob Fisch

Version 1.16

Version 1.16 is being rolled out, so stay tuned while Google approves the build 😉 Changelog 2016.10.11 [Jeroen] Refined length of prediction interval 2016.08.24 [Jeroen] Split ZOE into ZOE Q210 and ZOE R240 for battery prediction

CanZE on IOS

Frédéric is  working on an IOS version of CanZE. It will take some more time before a first very alpha version will be released. Until then, here some screenshots if the new app.


I’ve just put online the actual results of the surveys.

Firmware (finally) on Github

I finally got to the point to upload the firmware of my ArduinoDue and Teensy, but please be warned that it does not work the way I would like it to work!

Version 1.09 (2015.12.29)

After more than two weeks, the new release is finally online. Please refer to the teaser beneath for more detailed information about the changes. Have fun 😉

Consumption graph

Let me drop you the link to our survey about the consumption graph. Please share your opinion! Consumption graph

New type of graph?

Hi, what do you think of this new type of graph. Better (more readable) than the old one?      

Version 1.08 (2015.12.13)

Most prominent change is the driving screen now showing braking torque, with the bar extending to the left, and an aiming point for maximal motor based braking. This is more of a feed-forward instead of the old feed back system

Version 1.07 (2015.12.06)

Today’s release contains, among others, a few serious bugfixes. In the previous versions switching between the different screens filled up the field request list, which slowed down considerably the entire application. This has now been solved. Another feature that has

CanZE blog goes SSL

Thank’s to Let’s Encrypt the CanZE blog now goes SLL. Feel free to switch …