Team “Android”

CanZE was build and is maintained by Bob Fisch and Jeroen Meijer, based on the terrific research done by Alexandre Moleiro.

Other contributions are made by Henrik Møller Jørgensen, Jesper Simonsen and Christoph Mattheis.

Countless others continue to contribute with ideas, patches, graphics and testing and we are profoundly grateful to them all.

12 comments on “Team “Android”
  1. Gerard Beer de says:

    Hello Adroid Team,

    I’m a Twizy driver. As this is a Renault product, would it be possible to use CanZe or is there a nother app I need?

  2. hello,
    we really need urgent assistance on the CANbus system of our Renault Kangoo ZE with hydrogen range extender.
    Of course we are willing to pay for it.

  3. Dragan Kujovic says:

    I have a Renault Fluence Z.E. and a bluetooth interface with newest original ELM327 chip v.2.2. CanZE Android application work but with warning that it probably will not work. Fluence ZE Spy application doesn’t work at all with warning message that interface is not v.1.4 or v.1.5.

    It will be nice if you make change in your applications that they are working with ELM327 v.1.4 and above.

    • Dragan Kujovic says:

      I have made small changes in both CanZE and Fluence ZE Spy applications to enable them to work with new ELM327 chip versions.

      Because I am new to github way of working, I only have pushed modified versions to the and to the without pull request. Because I have used last version of Android Studio, I have updated some libraries in those two projects.

      I have tested OBD2 hardware interfaces with all versions of the ELM327 chips (v.1.3 … v.2.2) on my Renault Fluence ZE and everything work OK. Both applications I have tested on the phone with Android 4.4.2 and on the phone with Android 8.0 and everything was OK.

      • Bob Fisch says:


        I took a look at your code, but did not find any special ELM test. What you basically did is add another case and change the strings. This may work for your dongle, but does not resolve the problem with those many dongles that are not compatible! The version indicated by the dongle is not reliable, so this is no real “fix” in my opinion …

        • Dragan Kujovic says:

          You are absolutely right – it is not fix at all. Real test must check for some commands that other versions of chips do not have. I have only tested both mentioned applications with an ORIGINAL ELM327 hardware in several versions of that hardware, and on two versions of Android. My point is that application must work with ALL newer ELM327 based hardware, because ELM chips are vertically compatible. Applications must not to be limited to a v.1.4 and v.1.5 chips (by the way v.1.5 is not ELM version at all).

          So, it will be nice if the programmers of CanZE and Fluence ZE Spy (because I am not a skilled programmer) are willing to add ELM chip test which will test presence of specific commands for each version of the ELM chip and not only the answer to ATZ command. List of ELM commands can be found on the ELM web site .

  4. iwi says:

    In experimental menu is BCB and Inter Phase Voltage. Why is showing only voltage 2-3 and 3-1

  5. Mac says:

    Hi guys, first of all thanks for what you do, I would like to understand why the screen tab concerning the firmware is different from your screenshots. I do not see the latest firmware available but only the current ones by clicking on every single line.

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